This Is The New Year
Season Three, Episode One
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First aired: May 27, 2016
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This Is The New Year will be the first episode of Season Three, and the 34th episode overall. It will air on May 27, 2016.

The kids start to focus on taking the ultimate prize for Nationals.

Plot Edit


Songs Edit

Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
We Got The Beat The Go Gos Alissa, Santana, Quinn and the Talented New Yorkers
Toxic Britney Spears Santana, Brittany, and Quinn
This Is The New Year A Great Big World Blaine Anderson and The Talented New Yorkers
Edge Of Glory Lady Gaga The Talented New Yorker Girls and Rachel
You Can't Stop The Beat Cast of Hairspray The Talented New Yorkers

Trivia Edit

  • This will be the first episode to feature Tina, Brittany, and Quinn as a main character
  • All the songs were actually sung on Glee itself, but this'll be because of an assignment Rachel will give them in the episode
  • This will be the second episode that comes out on a cast member's birthday, with this coming out officially on Chris Colfer's birthday. The first was when the Season One episode, A Monkee Takes The Wheel came out officially on Cory Monteith's birthday.
  • The blogger from the Season Two episode, People Like Us, will return in this episode

Quotations Edit

 |quote=Santana: I'm his friend, but your husband's hair gel is evil as hell
 |quote=Kurt: I like you, but I will get some sai swords and hurt you with them, if you say that one more time
 |quote=Santana: Dare me.
 |quote=Kurt: Oh my god, when will you stop?
 |person=Santana Lopez and Kurt Hummel
 |source=This Is The New Year